May 19, 2020 / by LiteracyUntangled

Tip Tuesday – Bowling for Sounds

Welcome to Tip Tuesday! This Tuesday’s reading tip is a twist on the classic game of bowling.

Bowling for Sounds is set up and played similar to classic bowling; the main difference is in how you score points. For every pin knocked down, a player reads 5 words using the pattern/skill written on the pin; they receive 1 point for each correctly read word. You can use our blank scoring sheet to keep score (we’ve provided a link to our free printable version below). The player with the most points at the end of 10 rounds, wins!

When I play this with students in-person, I actually use solo cups and a small nerf ball. I turn the cups face down, write on the cups with a dry erase pen, and set up our ‘pins’ on a table top. I’ve even played this game with only one student, not keeping score. They just loved that I was letting them knock things down and make noise all in the name of learning!

Bowling for Sounds

What you need:
– blank scoring card (download our free Blank Template below)
– skill list (e.g. for children working on blends – bl, sp, pl, etc… with matching words – spin, play, etc.; with a minimum 5 words for each blend)
plastic bowling set (or red solo cups and hand size nerf ball)
– dry erase markers (or sharpie and masking tape)

Write a letter/blend from your list on to the pins. Set up the pins in classic bowling pyramid formation ( 1, 2, 3, 4).

The object:
The player with the most points, wins!

Number of Players:
2 – 4 (However, I have played this with one player)

How to play:
Choose a player to go first. For every pin knocked down, the student must read 5 words beginning with letter/blend written on the pin. For example, if the player knocks down a pin with the blend “sp” written on it, the player must read 5 words that start with “sp”. The player receives 1 point for each correctly read word. After 10 frames (rounds) player with the most points wins!

Don’t limit yourself to one skill!
– use letters and you child can say 5 words that start with the sound of the letter
– use words that follow the “Floss” pattern
– practice recognizing and reading different vowel types (short vowels, silent e, vowel teams, etc)
– instead of reading 5 words, have them spell 5 words

Bowling for Sounds Printable Score Sheet

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