October 29, 2019 / by LiteracyUntangled

Why Us?

10 Ways Literacy Untangled Stands Out as Your Online Reading Tutor

  • Warm and Welcoming: We love talking to people and helping them find the help they need. We will never give you the “hard sell”. Whether or not you decide to work with us is your choice!
  • Informative: We know you’re searching for information to help you understand what dyslexia is and what your child is going through. We want you to have that information and use multiple channels to get it to you: Facebook, Instagram, newsletters, our blog, etc.
  • Supportive: We’re here to help you! We’re happy to answer all your questions, be they about dyslexia, your child’s 504/IEP or our services, we’re here for you!
  • Flexible: You have a busy schedule! Our online tutoring works around your schedule, whether you’re at home or on vacation: your time, your place!
  • Comfortable: With online tutoring, students can learn free of distractions and in the comfort of their home. Students today are digital learners, and many are more comfortable learning in a digital environment vs a traditional one.
Why Us? 10 Ways Literacy Untangled Stands Out as an Online Reading Tutor
  • Diagnostic and Individualized: We assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses through the use of student/parent surveys, informal assessments, and, if applicable, 504’s/IEP reviews. With this information, we create an individualized, 1:1 plan specific to your child.
  • Not Rushed: None of us are a cog in a wheel! We move as fast as we can and as slow as your child needs.
  • Engaging and Interactive: No one wants to be boring and neither do we! We incorporate games and interactive activities into almost all of our sessions. But not just any games and activities! We use this time to reinforce and practice the skills and concepts your child is learning.
  • Positive and Motivating: Learning to read can be hard! Through laughs and lots of encouragement, we help our students to achieve their goals. We want all our students to succeed!
  • Real World Experience: Today’s students are digital natives; they live in a connected world. Online tutoring helps them develop basic typing, online networking, and communication skills.