April 21, 2020 / by LiteracyUntangled

Tip Tuesday – Word Boxes

Welcome to Tip Tuesday! This Tuesday’s reading tip is a game known as “Word Boxes”.

Setup for Word Boxes is relatively easy. Using our blank game board or a piece of graph paper (we’ve provided a link to our free printable version below), fill in the boxes with words from your word list. You can even make a digital version – I use a digital version with my online students.

When adapting Word Boxes for online, I create and fill in a grid and then drop it into a PowerPoint and then screen share it in Zoom. You can use different colored stamps or pens in the annotation mode to keep track of each player’s correct response.

My students love this game, especially as they usually win!

Word Boxes

What you need:
– blank game card (download our free Blank Template below)
– word/skill list (e.g. for children working on cvc words – hat, cat, bit, bib…)
– colored pens, pencils, etc: one color for each player (to mark lines and color in completed boxes)

Write words from your list into the middle of each square on the game card.

The object:
The player with the most colored in boxes, wins!

Number of Players:

How to play:
Choose a player to go first. Using their pen/color of choice, they connect 2 dots to draw a line. Once they draw the line, they read the word on either side of the line. Then it’s the next players turn. When a player “closes” a box and reads the words correctly, they “own” the box. Player marks the box as theirs by coloring it in.

Spelling – deck of cards with words containing spelling conventions for review, placed face down. Players take turns drawing lines. When a player “closes” a box, they take a card from the deck and read the word aloud. The other player has to correctly spell the word. If correct, the other player writes the word in the middle of the box and “owns” it. If the other player spells the word incorrectly, the original player get to “own” the box. The player with the most boxes, wins!

Don’t limit yourself one word type or pattern!
– use letters and you child can say the sound of the letter
– use picture cards (i.e images of a bat, car, bike, butterfly etc..) and have your child tell you what sound does the word start with, how many sounds are in the word, what is the final sound, what is the vowel sound, etc.
– use words that use the “Floss” or “Silent e” pattern
– use 2 syllable or compound words to read
– use multisyllabic words and have your child tell you how many syllables are in the word
– use syllable types and have your child tell you what type of syllable it is (closed, open, silent e, vowel team, r controlled, consonant le)

Word Boxes Printable Template

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