February 25, 2020 / by LiteracyUntangled

Tip Tuesday – Swat the Letter

Welcome to Tip Tuesday! This Tuesday’s reading tip is Swat the Letter. Place letter cards around the room, call out a letter name or sound, and watch them race to swat the matching letter card!

Setup for Swat the letter is fairly simple. Create a card for each phonogram/ word skill you are working on. Once the card are created, place them around the room – on the walls, floor, etc.

Then hand each player a fly swatter, call out a letter or sound, and watch them go! Then when it’s time to pick up all the cards, have the players pick up the cards and say the name and sound of the letter on the card. Easy peasy clean up!

Swat the Letter

What you need:
– 1 or 2 fly swatters
– current phonograms list, word/skill list (e.g. for children working on cvc words – hat, cat, bit, bib…), etc..
– card stock or index cards
– timer (optional)

Write one letter/word from your list onto a piece of card stock or index card. Create card for each letter/word on your list.

*note: when playing with beginning learners, I find 6-8 cards works best.

The object:
Be the 1st player to find and swat the correct letter card.

*note: when playing with 1 player, have them try and beat their best time for finding the correct letter card.

Number of Players:
1 or more

How to play:
Give each player a fly swatter. Call out a letter name or sound. The players race to be the first to find the correct letter card. The first player to correctly swat the matching card wins!

Play the game the game as above but instead of first to the correct card, play best of … out of …. wins!

Don’t limit yourself one word type or pattern!
– use picture cards (i.e images of a bat, car, bike, butterfly etc..) and have your child find the card the matches the sound or beginning letter you called out, call out vowel sounds and have them swat the card with the matching vowel sound, etc.
– use words that use the “Floss” or “Silent e” pattern
– use multisyllabic words or picture cards, call out a number and have them swat a card that has a word/picture that matches the number you called out
– use syllable types, call out a type and have them swat a card that has a word on it that is representative of that syllable type (closed, open, silent e, vowel team, r controlled, consonant le)