February 11, 2020 / by LiteracyUntangled

Tip Tuesday – Roll and Read

Welcome to Tip Tuesday! This Tuesday’s reading tip is Roll and Read. The name of the game says it all – roll the dice and read a word from the matching number column. For example, roll a 3 and read a word from the column number 3. The first person to correctly read all of the words in a column wins!

Setup for Roll and Read is fairly simple. Create a graph (we’ve provided a link to a free version below), number the top of each column 1-6, and fill in the remaining blank spots with words from your word list. You can even make a digital version – I use a digital version with my online students.

When adapting Roll and Read for online, I create and fill in a grid and then drop it into a PowerPoint or screen share it in Zoom. Instead of dice, we use an online spinning wheel numbered 1-6. Spin the wheel, wait for it to land on a number, and read a word from the column. You can use different colored stamps or pens in the annotation mode to keep track of each player’s correct response.

This game is pretty fail safe and my students love both versions. I’ve yet to have a student say “Oh, No! Not that game!”

Roll and Read

What you need:
– dice or spinner (physical or digital)
– word/skill list (e.g. for children working on cvc words – hat, cat, bit, bib…)
– blank game card (download our free Blank Template below)
– colored pens, chips, etc: one color for each player (to mark a word when a player reads a word correctly)

Write words from your list into each blank space on the game card.

The object:
Be the 1st player to read all of the words correctly in a column.

Number of Players:
2 or more

How to play:
Choose a player to go first. That player rolls a die. When the die lands on a number, the player reads a word from the matching column on the game board. When the player reads the word correctly, they get to place a chip/mark next to the word. Don’t cross the word out, other players will still need to be able to read the word. The first player to correctly read all the word in one column wins!

Play the game similar to Four Across: 1st person to get four in a row – up, down, or diagonal – wins!

Don’t limit yourself one word type or pattern!
– use letters and you child can say the sound of the letter
– use picture cards (i.e images of a bat, car, bike, butterfly etc..) and have your child tell you what sound does the word start with, how many sounds are in the word, what is the final sound, what is the vowel sound, etc.
– use words that use the “Floss” or “Silent e” pattern
– use 2 syllable or compound words to read
– use multisyllabic words and have your child tell you how many syllables are in the word
– use syllable types and have your child tell you what type of syllable it is (closed, open, silent e, vowel team, r controlled, consonant le)

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