April 7, 2020 / by LiteracyUntangled

Tip Tuesday – No Whiteboard, No Problem

Welcome to Tip Tuesday! Whiteboards, chalkboards, you name them, I love them. They are especially handy when it comes to teaching reading. I use them for the auditory drill, dictation drills, teaching new concepts, and even games. It’s amazing how often my small whiteboard gets used!

Kids love them too! When I was in the classroom, I had to hide the chalk and dry erase markers or my boards were covered in messages and drawings. The “reward” of being “allowed” to draw on my whiteboard/chalkboard was huge! It was such a small thing, but a huge thrill for the kids.

When I left the classroom, I really missed my big, wall covering boards. Especially when teaching letter formation and word spacing. So many of my students have difficulty with handwriting. The best method (other than lots of practice) start big (gross motor) and move to small (fine motor). In other words, write those letters and words really, really big and over time write them smaller and smaller.

I have a student who really struggles with handwriting; letter formation, letter size, word spacing, etc. I was staring out my window one day, trying to come up with ways I could have him write really big now that I no longer have access to huge boards. And then it struck me – windows! We could use dry erase markers on the sliding doors in his house. It was a perfect solution. Their mom loved the concept so much, she now writes the daily schedule and reminders on the sliding door next to the kitchen table.

No whiteboard, no problem! Find a window and viola! Instant whiteboard!

Instant Whiteboard

What you need:
– Dry erase markers (more colors the better!)
– Window, sliding glass door, etc.
– Eraser for dry erase markers, paper towel, microfiber cloth, etc.

How to use:
– practicing letter/word formation (print or cursive)
– sentence writing practice (word spacing, punctuation)
– tic-tac-toe games
– drawing a character of scene from a story or book
– solving math problems
– teaching new concepts
– posting schedules and reminders