January 28, 2020 / by LiteracyUntangled

Tip Tuesday – Hot Lava

Welcome to our 1st Tip Tuesday!!

I often hear from moms – “I don’t remember how I learned to read. I don’t even know where to start, what can I do?” In response, I would give them some ideas – most of them revolved around games and playing. But I would walk away feeling like you moms needed more. That’s where the inspiration for Tip Tuesday came from – my desire to give moms activities and ideas for helping them teach their child to read in a way that is fun for everyone!

Hot Lava

What you need:
– “stones” (hopscotch rings, pillows, paper plates, etc…
– blank cards (index cards, cut up pieces of paper, etc – I use laminated blank index cards)
– word/skill list (e.g. for children working on cvc words – hat, cat, bit, bib…)

Take 5 – 10 cards and write a word from your list onto each card. Place the “stones within “hopping reach”. Next to each stone, place a word card.

The object:
Hop from one “safe” place to another by hopping from stone to stone.

How to play:
Have your child hop to the first stone. When they land on/in the stone they read the word card next to the stone. If they read it correctly, they hop onto the next stone. If they misread the word, the fall into the “hot lava” and have to start all over again!

Don’t limit yourself to cvc words!
– use letters and you child can say the sound of the letter
– use picture cards (i.e images of a bat, car, bike, butterfly etc..) and have your child tell you how many syllables are in the word portrayed on the card, what sound does the word start with, how many sounds are in the word, etc.
– use 2 syllable or compound words to read
– use syllable types and have your child tell you what type of syllable it is (closed, open, silent e, vowel team, r controlled, consonant le)

Great silliness ensues – don’t be surprised if your child purposely misreads a word and, in a fit of giggles, fall into the lava, and starts yelling, “I’m burning! I’m burning!”