November 15, 2018 / by LiteracyUntangled

Early Identification and Intervention: Does it Matter?

Early Identification and Intervention: Does it matter?

Why should we screen for dyslexia and intervene as early as possible? The ramifications for not doing so can be enormous, both on personal and societal levels. Every year student waits to receive effective intervention levels, the effect of the intervention diminishes 25%-50%*. Early identification and intervention is four times more effective than taking the “wait to fail” path*.

The cost to society for this inaction is $1.5 billion. The individual cost is exponentially more*:

  • Individual cost – $150,000
  • They are 2.5 times more likely to be high school dropouts
  • They are 32.46% more likely to end up in prison

* Statistics presented at the 2018 annual International Dyslexia Association conference.

Back in 2016, Robert Brewer created an infographic that highlighted a few of the issues struggling readers, and we as a society and face in regards to reading.

Infographic by: Robert Brewer


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