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October 22, 2019 / by LiteracyUntangled

State Dyslexia Handbooks: Give Me the Basics!

Most state dyslexia handbooks came about with the passing of specific state dyslexia laws. In order to inform teachers and parents the process for identifying and helping children with dyslexia in their state, some states have put out a dyslexia handbook. Not all state handbooks are created equal. Below is the list of online dyslexia handbooks I have been able to find.

FLIDA 2019 Conference Program Cover
October 15, 2019 / by LiteracyUntangled

IDA – Florida Branch 2019 Conference: Top 3 Takeaways

This past weekend, I attended the IDA – Florida Branch’s 2019 Conference in Orlando. This was my first IDA – Florida conference…

October 1, 2019 / by LiteracyUntangled

Dyslexia: Give Me the Basics – Early Signs and Symptoms

What is dyslexia? What are the early signs and symptoms of dyslexia? In this video, we share the most common signs seen in people with dyslexia.

August 18, 2019 / by LiteracyUntangled

IEP Snapshot Form

When I was a Special Education Case Manager, at the beginning of every school year, I would handout copies of IEP’s to all of my students’ teachers of record. I quickly learned that not only I, but my students’ teachers as well, needed a quick IEP reference sheet – a cheat-cheat if you will. A brief check of a student’s IEP Snapshot gave me a quick and easy answer and ensured the student received their accommodations. I finally had the time to create the IEP Snapshot I always wanted and am excited to share it with you!

July 11, 2019 / by LiteracyUntangled

Summer Reads – 2019 (Part 4)

In order to round this list out, I decided we needed a couple of audiobooks recommendations. Audio is not my go to reading preference. For me, an audiobooks has to have two of the following:

1) A quirky story line packed with humor, and
2) a reader who’s voice I can connect with.

I share two utterly delightful audiobooks that fit the bill perfectly!

July 10, 2019 / by LiteracyUntangled

Summer Reads – 2019 (Part 3)

With the help of my three nieces, our search for “must reads” continues. Mattie (age 8) shared her book review and recommendation in Part 1. Her sister, Sanna (age 11), offered her review in Part 2 of the of this series. Now up: Dorrie (age 13) shares her summer “must read” review.

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