November 16, 2018 / by LiteracyUntangled

Controlled Readers: Are They Really That Important?

Controlled Readers: Are They Really That Important?

“What are controlled readers and are they really that important?” I hear you ask. First, controlled readers or decodable books are books that contain only the phonetic sounds and skills your child has mastered. And, yes, they are important! 

When a student is asked to read a book that is above their decoding level, they quickly become frustrated and begin guessing at words. This can further exasperate their reading struggles. Give a student a book they can fully decode and they can not only practice their learned decoding skills but also increase their confidence and reading fluency.

Stephanie Cork, over at Brainspring, wrote an amazing article detailing the difference between leveled readers and controlled readers. Her article explains exactly why controlled readers are so important. I’ve attached an infographic from the article highlighting the difference between the two types of readers. Please go over and read the article, The Importance of Controlled Readers, in full – it’s an excellent read!

Infographic by: Brainspring


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