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October 22, 2019 / by LiteracyUntangled

State Dyslexia Handbooks: Give Me the Basics!

Most state dyslexia handbooks came about with the passing of specific state dyslexia laws. In order to inform teachers and parents the process for identifying and helping children with dyslexia in their state, some states have put out a dyslexia handbook. Not all state handbooks are created equal. Below is the list of online dyslexia handbooks I have been able to find.

November 15, 2018 / by LiteracyUntangled

Early Identification and Intervention: Does it Matter?

The ramifications for not doing so can be enormous, both on personal and societal levels. Every year student waits to receive effective intervention levels, the effect of the intervention diminishes 25%-50%. Early identification and intervention is four times more effective than taking the “wait to fail” path.