December 18, 2019 / by LiteracyUntangled

12 Classic Children’s Books for the Holidays

The holidays always makes me think of family and family makes me think of books! I grew up in a dyslexic family, but it was also a reading family. Many of my childhood memories revolve around reading and books: bedtime stories; family read alouds; library trips; and lazy, rainy days reading on the couch.

I always LOVED when my Dad read to us before bed. He read in a slow, monotone voice that left you feeling comforted and safe as you drifted off to sleep. Bedtime reading with Dad/Poppa has carried on to the next generation as well. One of my nieces loves to read books from the Dory Fantasmagory series to him before she heads off to bed. If, during a visit, they don’t finish a book, she’ll bookmark it and save the rest of the book for when they are together again.

Our love of reading and introduction to classic literature came from my Mom. Growing up, she regularly took us to the library and when she deemed us ready to be introduced to one of her old friends, she would excitedly point out the book, tell us all the reasons she loved it, tell us why we would love it, and then walk away letting us make the decision as to whether or not it ended up in our weekly pile of books. Without a doubt, that’s how The Borrowers, Henry Huggins, and Homer Price found their way into my book pile. She saved her love of Mr Popper’s Penguins until my youngest sister was old enough to fully understand and enjoy it. She then brought it home and announced we would read it as a family, “round robin” around the dinner table. It’s the only book I remember being allowed to read at the dinner table! More often than not, we were repeatedly told, ” Dinner is ready NOW and put that book DOWN!”

This holiday season I decided to share with you, my Literacy Untangled family, some of my favorite classic children’s books. Books that left a mark on my sisters and I, and became a part of the fabric of our family. I’ve read several of them to my students and found that the stories hold up well, even if some of the details/vocabulary need explaining (e.g. moving pictures = movies). I’d love to know what are your childhood/family favorites!

Happy Holidays and Enjoy!